Happy start to the New Year!

In Appenzellerland, people celebrate New Year's Eve twice, on December 31 and January 13. On both days, the Silvesterchläuse are on the road. There are the "beautiful" Chläuse, the "wüeschte" and the "schön-wüeschte". They wear velvety traditional costumes or wild costumes made of hay, fir chries or wood wool and elaborate, handmade headdresses.

I grew up in Appenzellerland and have strong ties to my homeland. Nature, customs, crafts, contrasts and the humor of Appenzell characterize my work. I love it when, as with the Chläusen, the beautiful and the rough come together. It is the mix that gives things or facilities character and makes them unmistakable.

I hope you have a great start to the new year and enjoy our many exciting interior design ideas.

Tabletob Set in Silber, Ethnolook

How to style the "beautiful" and the "beautiful"

All of the same can quickly become boring. Mix more. This is fun, awakens creativity and you create your own personal style with it.

* Style Moroccan pottery the cool way with linen napkins and embossed leather napkin rings that evoke chiseled craftsmanship.
* Combine shiny things like silver and gold with rustic things like linen and ethnic-look things

* Wake up the elegant with boldaccents

Discover this exciting look

elegantes Wohnzimmer in Arosa

Here's how to make a mix of styles more elegant

Don't think that only things that are the same go together. After all, if everything is too similar, you won't really notice the individual pieces of furniture and accessories. Of course, it doesn't have to be wild and colorful, but some elements can stand out. For example, a colored lamp helps to highlight the elegance of a simple, large sofa. Also, different textures provide sensuality and excitement. These can be skins, woven carpets, wood, glass, wool fabrics and velvet.

Navajo Teppich, rosé vom FROHSINN Hurricane Lamp large, amber von Skogsberg & Smart Arvenholzbank von Raina Saber Zierkissen von House of HackneyUntersetzer Set Icon in orange vom FROHSINNChampagnerbecher Sip of Gold von Fürstenberg