Bring new colors into your life!

The color that makes you the happiest is yellow. High time, then, for more yellow in life and in the home. So we've expanded our in-house collections with fantastic, sensual shades of yellow. The leather collection not only gets a soft, creamy vanilla tone, but also a new embossed pattern showing a Viennese weave. You will definitely fall in love with the Vienna leather accessories in vanilla as well.
They are classy, fresh, warm and elegant.

The new rugs, cushions and poufs from the Navajo collection in the warm yellow shades of saffron and honey match. They not only let the sun shine indoors, but are also very nice
for covered seating outside.

Tabletop im Farbton Gelb

New leather collection: Vienna in vanilla

Vienna wickerwork became famous with the Viennese coffeehouse chairs. Michael Thonet designed first coffeehouse chair already in the middle of the 19th century. Not only the chair became a classic that is still current today, but also the rattan weave used to cover the seats. It stands for elegance and lightness. Our leather accessories Vienna in vanilla, which show the Viennese weave as an embossed pattern, also look elegant and light. The soft vanilla tone looks warm and neutral at the same time and you can combine it well with white and other colors. Brand new in this collection is also the noble leather stool. It shows golden upholstery nails as a decorative element and can also be used very nicely as a small side table.

VIENNA leather embossed napkin ring - vanilla

Placemat VIENNA embossed leather - vanilla

Coaster set VIENNA embossed leather - vanilla

Tray Round VIENNA embossed leather - vanilla

Stool side table PYRAMID IN LOVE in leather - vanilla

Accessory Box VIENNA embossed leather - vanilla

Club Baur au Lac in Zürich

Why yellow provides happiness and optimism

Yellow is the color of the sun and is associated with warmth, brightness and friendliness. Yellow has a great radiance and provides positive feelings. In addition, yellow stimulates creativity and also stands as the color of wisdom. In the interior yellow is an important color and is often used in living rooms. From light lemony tones and vanilla to darker ochre colors, yellow also works well as a wall color.
Setting the table with yellow adds summer freshness, warmth and vacation feeling.

Hot air balloon - yellow

Cushion NAVAJO - yellow

Side table SEDIMENT in marble - yellow

Book Bali Mystique - ASSOULINE

Cotton napkin FILO - yellow terracotta

Vase MORO LADY ceramic - lemon

Candle Garden Gnome NANETTO - yellow

Artificial flower Wisteria branch - yellow M

Pitcher HOBNAIL from glass - yellow

Navajo Kollektion Safran & Honig

Discover the sensuality of saffron and honey

Saffron is not only a fantastic, valuable spice, it was also used as a dye. People dyed textiles with it and mixed it with other colors to make them glow more. We have expanded the Navajo collection not only with the color saffron, but also with honey. Both shades of yellow radiate a lot of sensuality and bring it to the interior.

Cushion TASSEL NO HASSLE - saffron

Carpet NAVAJO - honey

Cushion FRINGES FOREVER - saffron

Carpet NAVAJO - saffron

Cushion FRINGES FOREVER - honey

Cushion TASSEL NO HASSLE - honey

Hotel de Londres in Brig

Did you know that saffron is also planted in Switzerland?

More precisely, in only one place: On the sunny slopes of the Valais village of Mund. This, by the way, is very close to Brig and the Hotel de Londreswhich was designed by Atelier Zurich and furnished by Atelier Zurich. And at the Hotel de Londres, saffron rolls with the saffron of mouth are served for breakfast.