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So much for quiet: the toilets from atelier zürich are loud, or rather bold, stylish and chic. Our customers have the courage to make a grand entrance. So I'm dedicating this blog post to the guest toilet, that little place that often gets too little attention. Yet the guest toilet is a kind of business card and remains, if it is special, different and lovingly designed, all guests in good memory - just like stylish toilets.Just like stylish toilets in elegant clubs, restaurants or bars.

Successful toilets have that certain something and stand out. They are rooms in which one may dare more, or in my opinion even must, than in living rooms and bedrooms. For example, strong colors, lush wallpaper and, of course, refined details help.

Let us inspire you here and with us in FROHSINN to new ideas for your guest toilet.

Viel Stil mit wenig Aufwand

A lot of style with little effort

Let's start with the little things, the details and the accessories. With these, you can quickly change a lot. In FROHSINN you will find beautiful leather accessories in all variations. With this you already bring a lot of chic into the guest toilet. Also choose a good liquid hand soap and for a bit of luxury hand lotion. Make sure that it smells fine in the room. Scented candles and scented sticks help for lasting freshness, and a room fragrance in a diffuser is a quick and effective way to do this. Charming is also a bowl or leather box filled with matchbooks. Don't forget the flowers. A single rose or a few small branches will do and everything will look more personal and nice.

Scented Candle THE ALABASTERS - Atria Artificial flower Roses Branch - light pink / white Room Perfume - FROHSINN NO. 1Ming Vase ORIENTE ITALIANO - white / black Crystal glass soap dispenser - clear/gold matte Bowl rectangular ORIENTE ITALIANO - white / blackPaper towel box ICON embossed leather - gold Hand & Body Wash - No. 069 Lemongrass Tray Rectangular ICON of leather embossed - gold

Machen Sie mehr draus

Make it more

Guest bathrooms are small spaces and a little drama does these especially good. A strong or dark wall color or even wallpaper will completely change the room. Opt for an eye-catching mirror, hang pictures and complete the look with deceptively real faux plants.
Pictures in a guest bathroom often get more attention than those in the entryway or living room. Add charm to the lavabo, too. He will be helped by a beautiful unexpected base or textile drapery. Small occasional furniture, such as small tables or stools, will complete your guest toilet with comfort and style.

Accessory Box ICON embossed leather - black

Paper towel box ICON embossed leather - black

Tray Round ICON embossed leather - black

Stool side table PYRAMID IN LOVE leather - bamboo

Mirror Round LIFESTYLE in leather - olive

Room fragrance LE DIFFUSEUR - Josephine

Mural Acrylic Slim Aarons - Speedboat landing

Scented candle TRAVEL FROM HOME - Mykonos Muse

Candlestick shell of porcelain - blue

Erzählen Sie Geschichten

Tell stories

Imagination is the best interior design tool. With it and a little courage, you can create a unique guest toilet. Opt for a style that matches the rest of the home and make a statement. Here, in this toilet in the restaurant "aifach arosa", whose interior design is by atelier zürich, romance and glamour come together in style. A dark wallpaper with alpine flora sets the basic tone. To this we have combined a strawberry vase, in which artificial but real-looking strawberry branches are set. The ornamental FROHSINN Icon mirror gives everything a golden frame and the necessary portion of elegance.

Crystal glass soap dispenser - green/gold gloss Vase MORO LADY ceramic - strawberry Crystal glass container with lid - greenAccessory Box ICON embossed leather - strawberry Artificial flower strawberry branch - red Box round ICON embossed leather - strawberry

Wie wärs mit Boudoir Chic?

How about boudoir chic?

Depending on the room, the boudoir look is also a nice idea for the guest bathroom. Furniture like a side table, an armchair, a pouf or a stool are important here, big mirrors and dim lighting. Create a sensual, elegant ambiance with the styling and surprise with some coffee table books, pictures or photos on the wall and soft background music.

Mural Acrylic Slim Aarons - Helen Dzo Dzo Kaptur Mirror ICON from leather - gold Tray Round ICON embossed leather - silverPaper towel box ICON embossed leather - silver Cushion ZEUS velvet with fringes - orange / white Accessoire Box ICON aus Leder geprägt - silverSide table MONTCEAUX ceramic - caramel Room fragrance spray - Ernesto Book Maximalism by Sig Bergamin - ASSOULINE