Zurich welcomes spring with a BANG!

Tomorrow in Zurich we celebrate the Sechseläuten, a festival where winter is chased away with a bang. With this we say goodbye to snow and the white winter world. I think this is a good moment to deal with spring in the house and with white as a home color. Both bring the lightness we long for so much.

Traditions also have an important meaning for me. They bring families and friends together, connect the past with the present, and give a sense of belonging and security. So in this newsletter you will get lots of inspiration to make your home even more beautiful, warmer, fresher and happier.

verschieden Bilder mit verschiedenen Interior Look's - Wieso Traditionen dem Zuhause guttun

Why traditions are good for the home

Imagine you come home and everything is completely redecorated. At the first moment, you definitely think you're at the wrong address. Home is the place from which you expect a certain consistency as well as openness to new things. That's why traditions and rituals are part of a real home. A bistro table on the balcony that invites you to take coffee breaks when the weather is nice or the family brunch on Sunday encourage such rituals and create private traditions out of them. Heirlooms also do a home good, they connect with one's family history. Old furniture may, in my opinion, get new colors or stand in an unexpected place. That's how they tell their story.

weisse Blumenvasen & weiss bezogenes Bett - Wie Weiss zur wichtigsten Wohnfarbe wurde

How white became the most important color

Until the beginning of the 20th century, white was not a living color. Walls were lined with paneling, wallpaper and fabrics. Furnishings were lavish and dark, almost gloomy colors were used. Bohemians and artists were the first to paint dark walls white and thus create modernity. Soon interior designers like the famous Siri Maugham discovered white as a home color. And finally, Hollywood brought white into fashion with glamorous Art Deco film sets. Fashionable, modern, elegant and ubiquitous, white continues to define the home today.

Bring elegance to the apartment with white

Table lamp FLAKES of glass - white

Cushion NAVAJO - white&black

Scented Candle THE ALABASTERS - Abd el Kader

Mural Acrylic Slim Aarons - Helen Dzo Dzo Kaptur

Vase LINCK ceramic - V7 white

Box round flat ICON embossed leather - white

Artificial flower rose stem - cream white

Champagne cup SIP OF GOLD Cushion - white

Fireplace set EMMA - blanc

Gelbe Blumen in Holz Vase - Frühlingsgefühl

How spring moves in

We want to feel the lightness of spring in the apartment as well. Simple ideas and a few new accessories will help. First of all, put a lot of flowers and branches of flowers. These may also be artificial. Our artificial flowers look like real and always stay fresh and in full bloom. Set colorful accents and opt for a flowery room fragrance. The sofa can also use a refresh. This can be done with lots of bright cushions in plant prints and pastel shades.

Vase MORO LADY ceramic - lemon Artificial flower cherry blossom branch - yellow Cushion PALMERAL - green / whiteBowl rectangular - light green / black Mural Acrylic Slim Aarons - Colourful Crew Wind light vase HURRICANE BOULE large - clearBox with lid PAPRIKA ceramic medium - yellow Kissen NAVAJO - yellow Book Miami Beach - ASSOULINE