Birthdays are never enough!

Do you also love birthday celebrations?
They are carefree, joyful gatherings celebrated with togetherness, good food, and beautiful things. August 1st, the Swiss National Day, is also a birthday celebration. It takes place in the middle of summer and during the school holidays, providing everyone with the opportunity for a small or grand party.

At FROHSINN, we celebrate the creativity of Switzerland and have many wonderful Swiss gift ideas for you. These are also suitable for other occasions when you want to give someone something unique from Switzerland. Additionally, we are currently eager to set the table with red treasures, flirting with glamour, shine, and cheerfulness.

I wish you a wonderful August 1st and lots of joy with this homely blog post.
 Created in Switzerland 

Designed in Switzerland

Now, in the middle of summer, foreign visitors often ask what is typically Swiss. In addition to watches, cheese, and chocolate, Switzerland also has a lot of creativity to offer. Perhaps this is because we Swiss like to tinker, strive for perfection, and always think practically, resulting in so much unique invention and creation in this country. Think of the army pocket knife, the potato peeler, aluminum foil, or the RiRi zipper.

In this spirit, we are proud of our own FROHSINN creations, all designed and developed in Switzerland. Our leather accessories are unique in their kind. They are not only elegant but also practical, robust, and usable in various areas. As a playful gift idea, I recommend our tins filled with typical Swiss delicacies. Naturally, the content is color-coordinated to match.

Tablett Rund ICON aus Leder geprägt - strawberry   Streichholzbehälter LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - white  SWEET DREAMS - SugusPapiertuchbox ICON aus Leder geprägt - white  Untersetzer ICON aus Leder geprägt - white  Tablett Rechteckig ICON aus Leder geprägt - whiteServiettenring Set ICON aus Leder geprägt - strawberry  Dose rund hoch ICON aus Leder geprägt - white  Armreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - strawberry


Verschenken Sie ein Stück Schweiz

Give the gift of Switzerland

In FROHSINN, you'll find many gift ideas that express love for Switzerland in various ways. For example, there are the glamorous photographs by Slim Aarons, taken in Swiss cult holiday destinations like Gstaad or Klosters in the sixties and seventies. We offer these in elegant plexiglass frames. Also included in our Swiss selection is our own typical FROHSINN photo. It's even a lucky charm as it depicts a four-leaf clover in the Arosa mountain meadow. Additionally, explore our Swiss coffee table books from Assouline, the stylish vases from Linck, or the practical, golden toothbrush set, a collaboration between FROHSINN and SwissDent.

Wandbild Acrylglas Slim Aarons - Zermatt Skiing  SWISSDENT & FROHSINN Set  Buch St. Moritz Chic - ASSOULINEBuch Geneva at the Heart of the World - ASSOULINE  Wandbild Acrylglas Pretty Lucky Shot 2022  Vase LINCK aus Keramik - V16/4 weissKochbuch Andreas Caminada - Pure Leidenschaft  Duftkerze TRAVEL FROM HOME - Gstaad Glam  Wandbild Acrylglas Slim Aarons - Curling at St. Moritz

Feiern Sie fröhlich und mit Chic

Celebrate joyfully and with chic

How about a small tête-à-tête in the garden or a picnic under the apple tree? Set the table with our strawberry-red Icon trays and placemats. The round Navajo rug in the color 'berry' makes a beautiful picnic blanket on the green lawn. We also like to combine the 'Oriente Italiano' dinnerware from Ginori 1735 with our Strawberry placemats and serve lemonade from the Bordallo Pinheiro duck pitcher. Celebrate not only August 1st with color and joie de vivre but every balmy summer evening! The cheerfully glamorous FROHSINN style turns every occasion into a small celebration.

Teppich NAVAJO round - berry  Krug aus Keramik - Ente  Schale rechteckig ORIENTE ITALIANO - rosa/rotBesteck Set PANDA aus Bambus  Champagnerglas ITALIA aus Acrylglas - klar  Tischset ICON aus Leder geprägt - strawberryKerze Schaumwein - Spumante, gross  Serviette GITANE aus Baumwolle - Vichy rot  Windlicht Vase HURRICANE BOULE large - olive