Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year

Do you also love, like I do, winter sports and the coziness afterwards? The peak season of these two wonderful things is in full swing, and winter is far from over. Enjoy the Swiss mountain world and its beauty to the fullest. And bring some of it home.

For example, if you hang one of our glamorous winter photos by the great American photographer Slim Aarons (1916-2006), you'll keep some of that unique magic with you all year round. After his time as a war photographer, Slim Aarons only photographed beautiful people in beautiful places, many of them in the major Swiss ski resorts. Likewise, with this blog post, you'll be inspired to cuddle, relax, and spend time together, and discover a very special favorite object that is currently making a big comeback.

Have fun in the snow and in the cozy living room!

So stylen Sie den «atelier zürich» Winterlook

How to style the "atelier zürich" winter look

The renowned interior design studio atelier zürich and the FROHSINN store are sisters. Both were founded by Claudia Silberschmidt. The home accessories, decorative objects, tableware and, of course, the FROHSINN collections designed in-house are closely related to the furnishings from atelier zürich. Let yourself be inspired by this typical lifestyle, such as this stylishly rustic chalet dining room. Here, like fire and ice, warm sensual tones come together with the calm, deep, cooler colors of the mountains to form a harmonious whole.

Bench NAVAJO - rosé VERSAILLES leather necklace - orange Hocker George Smith X NAVAJO - caramelIKAT napkin - brown / white Leather coaster ICON embossed - orange Placemat textile - mandarinCarpet NAVAJO - framboise LUXURY blanket made of mohair - salsa NAVAJO cushion - rosé

"I love combining warm and cool tones together"

Claudia Silberschmidt

Draussen Kälte – drinnen kuscheln

Cold outside - cozy inside

The best days for me are winter days when I glide through the glistening snow on my cross-country skis and then return happy and tired to our cozy chalet. Home is never as warm and welcoming as after an active winter's day. The colder it is outside, the cozier you feel at home. And when the fireplace flickers golden, the world is perfect.

Cushion NAVAJO - carrot Wall mural acrylic glass Slim Aarons - Chalet Costi NIXON blanket made from alpaca - orangeWall mural acrylic glass Slim Aarons - Skating Waiter Basket firewood magazines made of embossed leather - cognac EMMA fireplace set - bonbon Wooden basket EMMA - bonbon Carpet NAVAJO - caramel LIFESTYLE smooth leather matchbox - camel

Lange Nächte – kurze Weile

Long nights - short while

Winter nights are not only cozy, but also long and perfect for really relaxing. Immerse yourself in fine illustrated books that take you to the Swiss Alps with fantastic photos and exciting stories. Double up with the unique pictures by Slim Aarons, which you can also find framed in elegant Plexiglas frames. Now is also the time for board games, which enrich the get-together in a relaxed way.

Travel game backgammon set made of leather - raf blue Book St. Moritz Chic - ASSOULINE Wall mural acrylic glass Slim Aarons - Verbier VacationsBook Gstaad Glam - ASSOULINE Wall mural acrylic glass Slim Aarons - Cortina d'Ampezzo Backgammon case - CROCODILEWall mural acrylic glass Slim Aarons - Skiing Waiters RECYCLED blanket made of wool - beige & white Book Aspen Style - ASSOULINE


Our favorite object for more style on the table is the

We love it because . . .

... the cutlery bench is a pretty little object that not only adds style to the table, but is also really practical. These little helpers on the table first appeared at the end of the 17th century. They were invented to protect the tablecloth from stains when placing cutlery. Later, they were known for a while as knife rests and were mainly used on elegantly laid tables. With the new great love for beautifully laid tables, the little thing is now celebrating a big and welcome comeback. Modern menus often consist of many different dishes that are shared and for which you need a fork, then a spoon and sometimes even chopsticks. Thanks to the cutlery benches, these now have an appropriate resting place. At FROHSINN you will find an exclusive selection of unique vintage cutlery benches.