Snowy Glamour and a lot of coziness

As I write this newsletter, I am looking at the snowfields of Arosa glistening under the bright blue sky. Arosa is my favorite winter destination, as I spent a lot of time here as a child. In Switzerland, most have a winter place that you especially love and that is often associated with childhood memories. The mountains, the snow and winter sports are part of our culture.

Places like St. Moritz or Gstaad even became world famous and magically attract stars and jet set. This is beautifully summarized in the Coffeetable Books by Assouline. There was also a time when après ski was something of a fashion show. Photographer Slim Aarons captured that with his camera. You can buy his fantastic photographs at FROHSINN.

In my opinion, the time after winter sports is most comfortable at home. That's why this newsletter and the store will inspire you to give your home a touch of chalet romance.
I wish you beautiful winter vacations with lots of snow and cosyness!

Bilder von Slim Aarons - Winterbilder

Do you know Slim Aarons?

There's probably not a fashion designer out there who doesn't have a copy of Slim Aarons' book, A Wonderful Time, in their library. Slim Aarons photographed, as he himself so beautifully put it, attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places. Slim Aarons, who grew up as a farm boy, began his photography career as a war photographer. After seeing the horrors of World War II up close, he wanted to devote himself only to the beautiful things of the world. And this he did with a particularly gifted eye for it. At FROHSINN you will find photographs by Slim Aarons as prints. The images are also available in other formats on request.

Discover the photographs of Slim Aarons

Discover the most beautiful sides of winter

Book Gstaad Glam by Assouline

Book St. Moritz Chic by Assouline

Book Aspen Style by Assouline

In the foreword of the coffee table book "Gstaad Glam" the son of Roger Moore writes how his family came to Gstaad in the sixties. Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, David Niven and many more followed. According to Geoffrey Moore, the locals were unaware of the many stars who suddenly settled in the picturesque mountain village, or at least they were not impressed by them. However, Assouline's magnificent illustrated book is not only about nostalgia, but also about the stylish, glamorous present. One gets to know people who shape the famous place today, is seduced by craftsmanship, culinary arts, looks into the renowned hotels and gets the desire to travel immediately. The same is true for the volume "St. Moritz Chic".

Cheminée Wintergemütlichkeit Inspiration

Wonderful winter coziness

Winter is not only beautiful outside, but also inside. Whether by the fireplace or at the table, at FROHSINN we focus on an elegant mix of styles where materials like wood, wool and leather meet. Our chalet style also includes silver accents, navajo pillows and wintry pictures on the wall.