Happy Valentine

Valentine's Day is approaching and is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on love. It is especially romantic love that is celebrated on this day. A "Dinner for Two" with candles and roses, a weekend in a nice hotel and special selected gifts are good ideas for this day of love.
Also the love and affection that connects us with family and friends may be celebrated on Valentine's Day with small attentions. In FROHSINN and in this newsletter you will find many unique gift ideas, which are perfect as small tokens of love.

Navajo & Lederkollektion vom FROHSINN - black & white

Made with love

Love and passion are also in our collections and products. From the idea to the design and development to the production, our leather accessories and textiles are a matter of the heart. We are convinced that things made with love also express love.

In FROHSINN you will also find beautiful noble products from different manufacturers. When selecting our assortment, exclusive design, high-quality materials and great craftsmanship are our most important criteria.

Give away noble handicraft

Zeichen der Liebe - Navajo & Lederkollektion vom FROHSINN - strawberry

Signs of love

Often it is the small things that bring the greatest joy. Correctly selected, connected with a certain message or a wink, they hit directly into the heart.

Small flirt gifts are, for example, two coquettish lovebirds that serve as salt and pepper shakers or a candle in the shape of a cake. Like an invitation to a drink after the date is the noble leather box filled with matching coasters and with the noble cup from Ginori you crown someone the king of hearts. Larger gestures are a champagne bucket filled with flowers or the book "Chic Stays" with a passport case that says "Fly away with me".

Discover our gifts of love here

Quail Ceramics - Love Birds Salt & Pepper Set

Chereria Introna - Kerze Tortenstück - Kirschentorte

FROHSINN - untersetzer set_strawberry_icon

AT Verlag - Kochbuch Andreas Caminada - Pure Leidenschaft

FROHSINN_Pretty Lucky Shot_2022

Assouline - Buch Chic Stays

FROHSINN - Reisepasshülle_türkis_fawm

Ginori 1735 - Mug pink - il viaggio di nettuno

mauviel 1830 - Seau à champagne M'30 - cuivre


A weekend for two in a beautiful hotel is an unforgettable gift and perfect for Valentine's Day. In these hotels you will experience the typical atelier zürich style - they were namely planned and tailor-made by Claudia Silberschmidt and her team.

Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad

Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaadt

Check-in in the lobby is pleasantly casual and
in the bar is the very longest Chesterfield sofa by George Smith.


Hotel Beau Site in Zermatt

Hotel Beausite in Zermatt

Here you can feel the pioneering spirit of alpinism.
Over 7,000 meters of rope were used in the construction.
A little of it is visible here on this headboard.


Hotel de Londres in Brig

Hotel de Londres in Brig

London really does meet Valais here:
Cozy, a little eccentric and with a sense of humor.