Let yourself be seduced by bright fresh GREEN!

We have expanded our own collection, which is connected to my great love of nature and the most important natural color green. It all started when I ordered a new sofa covered with green fabric in the time of the pandemic. At that time my longing for a green oasis and its power and tranquility was particularly great.

With this longing in my heart, I later began to further develop our exclusive leather and textile collection. Inspired by classic rattan weave, we designed a new embossing for our leather collection with "VIENNA" and with "Bamboo" we created a new leather color, a bright, metallic shiny green. At the same time and to match, we expanded our textile Navajo Collection in fresh grass green with the colors "Bamboo", "Apple" and "Basil" with summery fringed pillows and rugs in various sizes.

Grüne Accessoires in Leder & Textil

It's so green . . .

Whether by the pool, on the terrace or in the living room: our leather accessories in the brand new color "Bamboo" will take you straight to summer. The bright, fresh green and the noble rattan weave "VIENNA" together convey an elegant tropical flair.

Cushion FRINGES FOREVER - apple

Cushion TASSEL NO HASSLE - basil

Coaster set VIENNA embossed leather - bamboo

Stool side table PYRAMID IN LOVE leather - bamboo

Bangle VIENNA embossed leather - bamboo

Carpet NAVAJO - bamboo

VIENNA leather embossed paper towel box - bamboo

Carpet NAVAJO - basil

Tray Round VIENNA leather embossed - bamboo

Navajo Kissen im Farbton grün & weiss

"Fringes Forever", our new Navajo pillow collection, exudes a similar allure. It has been given the typical twisted cotton fringes that traditionally adorn parasols and sofas, bringing even more summer mood and lightness to the home and garden."

Claudia Silberschmidt

Wohnaccessoires im Farbton grün

How to turn the living room into a green oasis

Of course, you create the biggest green effect in the room with a large piece of green furniture, such as a sofa, an armchair or a green rug. However, add green accents as well. Green pillows add a lot of summer freshness to a neutral sofa. Set the table greener and transform it with green glasses, plates, pretty green placemats and green leaf bowls. The water or lemonade for a little refreshment break is best served from green carafes.

Cushion PALMERAL - green / white Artificial plant Strelitzie - green XL Wall mural acrylic Pretty Lucky Shot 2022Pitcher HOBNAIL from glass - dark green VIENNA leather embossed napkin ring set - bamboo Vase MORO LADY ceramic - lemon greenBowl rectangular - light green / black Acrylic wine glass ITALIA - green Wind light vase HURRICANE BOULE large - green