Let's celebrate all fathers!

Father's Day has only been a holiday here in Switzerland for a little over fifteen years. Since men like to be celebrated like kings, Father's Day includes not only outings and fine dining, but also gifts.
So here, and in our store in Zurich Seefeld, we have put together an inspiring selection of gift ideas for very different fathers and, of course, for beloved men who are not or not yet fathers.
We also introduce you to one of our new brands: "Authentic Models". The Dutch company has specialized in reworking noble vintage pieces authentically, with great craftsmanship and a lot of style. The "Authentic Models" furniture, games and home accessories inspire men especially, because they all tell a little adventure story.

Abenteuer Bild für Väter

Dad loves adventure

Dear Dad,
You dream of sailing around the world, discovering deserted islands and fighting your way through the jungle. Of course, you love to do this from the comfort of your sofa. That's why you're sure to enjoy a sturdy Navajo pillow or a fine one with a palm leaf print. To make you feel a little bit of waves while dreaming, we give you a great photograph by Slim Aarons showing a yellow seaplane. We'll put the matching wild animals on your breakfast table with a tiger salt & pepper shaker set. And for that Robinson Crusoe feeling, a parrot pen holder and seahorse bottle opener will adorn your home office.

Book Africa around the world in 125 years

LARA leather passport case - orange

Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Tiger

Ceramic pen holder - parrot

Brass bottle opener - seahorse

Mural Acrylic Slim Aarons - Arriving in Style

Bookends - leopard

Book Costa Smeralda - ASSOULINE

Cushion NAVAJO - carrot

gemütliche Bar in Zürich

Dad likes it cozy

Dear Dad,
When the living room is as cosy and cool as an English club, the lights dimmed, the jacket hanging neatly on the elegant hanger and the coffee table with a drink on it next to the armchair, you're really at home. So you can enjoy things that make your kingdom even more beautiful, like a great table lamp, a backgammon game, a basket for newspapers or a noble tray.

Blanket NIXON from alpaca - charcoal

Book Moon Paradise - ASSOULINE

Backgammon Case - SHARK

Coffee table SODA made of glass - petrol green

Candle animal - dachshund

Bar cart POLO CLUB - petrol

Basket firewood magazines leather smooth - navy

Tray Round LIFESTYLE embossed leather - navy

Wind light vase HURRICANE BOULE large - sage

Schwarz & Weiss, Stil für Väter

Dad has style

Dear Dad,
True to your motto "Style is a must for every man", you enjoy your exclusive whisky from a golden porcelain tumbler. We give you the matching coasters made of hand-embossed black buffalo leather. In a pretty round box you can even leave the coasters on the coffee table. For a bit of jet-set allure provide a photograph of Slim Aarons, which shows a yacht from the fifties and a noble champagne cooler from the renowned French manufacturer Mauviel.

Box round ICON embossed leather - black

Book Louis Vuitton Manufactures - ASSOULINE

Champagne cooler M30 - aluminum

Champagne cup SIP OF GOLD Cushion - black

Mural Acrylic Slim Aarons - Speedboat landing

Tray Rectangular ICON embossed leather - black

Cushion NAVAJO - white&black

Coaster ICON embossed leather - black

Table lamp LUXCIOLE cordless battery LED - black