The Beauty of Surrealism!

When we traveled to Paris with the FROHSINN team in January for the Maison et Objet fair, it was just the last days of a big retrospective of Elsa Schiaparelli, which we of course visited immediately. Her creations, like the "Phoebus" cape in Shocking Pink, the lobster dress or perfume bottles in the shape of champagne bottles are absolute favorites of mine.

The surrealism that Schiaparelli translated into fashion also accompanies me in my creative work. From the beginning, this certain, unexpected wink was part of the typical Atelier Zurich style. For example, in the hotel "Le Grand Bellevue" in Gstaad, soft armchairs dangle in oversized bird cages, or in the restaurant of the Zurich private club "Baur au Lac", noble ceiling stuccos with cutlery were created.

At FROHSINN, we also cultivate the special with things that have that certain "Je ne sais quoi". We have a great love for "pets", which also have a surreal effect as home accessories. So you will find, among other things, lamps with animal lamp bases, lions as egg cups, giraffes as vases, tigers as pillows or Great Danes as oversized ceramic sculptures. Surrealism not only makes you look twice, but also puts a smile on your face and puts you in a good mood!

Die Schönheit des Surrealen

The beauty of the surreal

Surrealism is an art movement that spread not only in literature and visual arts, but also in design. Surrealism is good for any interior. Be it a light fixture with a flamingo foot, a pumpkin that serves as a sugar bowl or a fantastic cake that is a candle. Think of the fantastic movie "Orphée" by Cocteau and treat yourself to our mirror with gold leather frame and tassels. Our ceramic items by Bordallo Pinheiro are also very charming. The punk vases and lobster bowls are absolute eye-catchers and also make good wedding gifts.

Book Dalí Les dîners de Gala

Floor lamp Flamingo

Vase PUNK ceramic

Bowl KOHL MIT HUMMER ceramic

Ceramic tureen KÜRBIS - large

Candle Cake - Pink Pudding

Mirror Round LIFESTYLE in leather - gold

Candlestick shell of porcelain - blue

Side table MONTCEAUX ceramic - caramel

Elsa Schiaparelli & Transatlatic

Do you know Elsa Schiaparelli?

If you've seen the Netflix series "Transatlantic," you surely admired the incredibly stylish and imaginative birthday party by artist and surrealist Max Ernst. In particular, Mary Jayne Gold's shoe hat caught the eye. This hat actually existed and was a creation of Italian-French fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973). Schiaparelli brought Dada and Surrealism to fashion in the 1920s to- 1940s. Famous are, among others, her lobster dress, the handbag in the shape of a telephone or her favorite color Shocking Pink.

freundliche Haustiere in verschiedenen Projekten

Let friendly pets move in

Visit some iconic hotels and restaurants with typical
"atelier zürich" flair, where animals have moved in in surprising ways:

* At Hotel Le Grand Bellevuein Gstaad is home to Leonard, a dromedary made of tweed.

* In the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss (formerly Swissôtel) the hotel guests are welcomed in the lobby by a large peacock

* In the Helvetia Restaurant in Zurich you will discover a rabbit lamp and a side table with pig

* In the Restaurant Bernadette in Zurich you will be welcomed by the Bremen - pardon Zurich Town Musicians with Swiss farm animals and a light fixture with dinosaur

* In the Restaurant White Marmot in St.Moritz is a giant Murmeli in the bar

Ceramic animal statue large - Great Dane ears erected Box CROCODILE ceramic Pillow SABER velvet with fringes - goldCarpet EKKA - Leopard Candle animal - dachshund Carpet Plumpy Panda largeCeramic jug - duck light Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Owl Tawny Owl Ceramic animal statue large - snow leopard DX