Plan the perfect Valentine's Day!

The Day of Love has become popular here as well. It's no wonder because it offers a good reason in the middle of February to feel the spring with heart palpitations, romantic dates, and small tokens of love. Make Valentine's Day unforgettable from morning to night. Here in the blog and in our FROHSINN Flagship Store in Seefeld, we have put together many ideas and unique gift ideas for you. 
Surprise not only your significant other with attentions on Valentine's Day. Family, friends, or dear neighbors also appreciate it when someone thinks of them on this special day. Furthermore, we have great ideas on how you can celebrate this day joyfully even as a single person. 

Starten Sie den Tag mit einem frischen Smile und einem Tête-à-Tête Kafee

THE MORNING: Start your day with a fresh smile and tête-àtête coffee

The best start to a good day is a friendly smile. For that, we have the perfect dental care set, which was created in a collaboration between FROHSINN and Swissdent — and it's portable, so you can take it anywhere. Turn your breakfast coffee into a tête-à-tête. Set the breakfast table or the tray for a "Breakfast in Bed" with cappuccino in glamorous cups from Ginori1735, scrambled eggs with salmon, flirtatious Love Birds as salt and pepper shakers, and candlelight of the sweetest kind.

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Wie wärs mit einem Spaziergang und kleinen Liebesgaben?

THE AFTERNOON: How about a stroll and little tokens of love?

If you have the day off on Valentine's Day, take a romantic walk through the city, visit a museum, or even go to the cinema. Afterward, take a break at your favorite café and exchange small Valentine's Day gifts. 

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Kochen Sie was feines

THE EVENING: Cook something exquisite

Seduction also goes through the stomach. Therefore, cooking a homemade date dinner is a great idea to celebrate Valentine's Day. For example, you can cook a refined recipe from the celebrity chef Andreas Caminada. You can find his four books with us. Also, something modern Mediterranean from the Missoni cookbook is a great gourmet idea for this unique occasion.

Kochbuch Andreas Caminada - Pure Leidenschaft  Kochbuch The Missoni Family Cookbook - ASSOULINE  Buch Dalí Les dîners de Gala

Decken Sie den Tisch mit Liebe

Set the table with love

When you beautifully and festively set the table with candlelight and love, even a plate of penne alla vodka or a gourmet burger can turn into a romantic feast. Choose to serve your Valentine's dinner at a small table. Ensure there's soft lighting in the room, opt for sensual colors, and gentle background music. Flowers and candlelight are essential, and a touch of FROHSINN humor is always welcome.

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Dose ICON, wir lieben sie weil . . .

Our favorite item for Valentine's Day is the

«Box ICON» We love it because . . .

. . . boxes are small, private treasure chests where you can keep heartfelt belongings. They make perfect gifts because you can gift meaningful items like an engagement ring, a special pendant, or other jewelry, as well as loving trinkets and, of course, sweets. The boxes come in 14 colors, glossy and matte, making it easy to choose the perfect version for every taste and style. The ICON Box is made of sturdy buffalo leather with stylish embossed patterns and decorative stitching, crafted in a small workshop.

Buch Paris Chic

The best Valentine's Day tips for singles

Don't get annoyed when you see everyone being lovey-dovey today. You, too, will fall in love again. Celebrate that in advance on Valentine's Day with a lot of self-love. Treat yourself to a long bubble bath, order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant, indulge in a romantic movie, and gift yourself something nice, like a small trip.

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