Do you prefer tea or coffee?

In fact, thanks to these two drinks we have a favorite piece of furniture, which is not missing in any home: the coffee table. It originated in Victorian times, when people liked to sit together for tea in the afternoon and serve it on deep tables in the drawing room. Later, when coffee became fashionable, it got its name.

Coffee table brings people together comfortably and is an important style element in interior design. Discover here on the blog and with us in FROHSINN wonderful coffee tables and many ideas that show how to use and style them in the most beautiful way.

Schmuckstücke - Couchtische in verschiedenen Interior Design Styls


Coffee tables have become pieces of jewelry. Even those who rather opt for noble, classic design in upholstered furniture, like to choose a special piece for the deep table to it. Thus, coffee tables appear in strong shapes, shiny, colorful, transparent and unique. Some are large and heavy, others light and delicate. They may catch the eye, attract attention and they decorate the interior like jewelry.

Coffee tables, by the way, you can not have enough. Place coffee tables with all seating furniture, so you have the opportunity to place drinks, books, lamps and flowers everywhere.

grüner Couchtisch auf Kugelfüssen

"If I can't find a piece of furniture to match a particular interior, I design it myself, like this apple green coffee table on ball feet"

Claudia Silberschmidt

Discover the most beautiful coffee tables

Beistelltisch Montceaux im Farbton caramel Couchtisch von Favius in gelb Beistelltisch SODA aus Glas im Farbton lila von Miniforms Beistelltisch in Metall gold Beistelltisch von Favius im Farbton grün Couchtisch aus Glas von Miniforms im Farbton amber

Verwandlungskünstler - Beistelltisch aus rustikalem Baumstrunk in Silber

Quick-change artist

Part of the typical atelier zürich interior design is the surprise effect - the little wink. Playing with the unexpected is good for every interior. Unusual side tables and coffee tables help with this. For example, in these bedrooms, rustic tree trunk tables were painted silver and placed with the beds instead of the classic nightstands.

Side tables are quick-change artists, transforming the look and giving a new feel to the home. Thus, they are the perfect pieces of furniture with which to renew existing furnishings.

So stylen Sie den Couchtisch chic

How to style the coffee table chic

Coffee tables are there to keep things you love and need within reach of your sofa. Thus, coffee tables need a loving and inviting styling. Obvious ones are coffee table books, which are large coffee table books that make you want to browse. Stack books as well as classy glossy magazines on large coffee tables. Something that no coffee table should be without is a tray. On it you can provide not only glasses, drinks and snacks, but also small vases, cans and pretty, special things.

Flowers always create friendliness, even on the coffee table. Small compact bouquets in deep vases fit best here. Candles and scented candles set the mood and add style and elegance to a coffee table. Place a small bowl next to the candles, filled with matchbooks.

Tablett Rund ICON aus Leder geprägt - silber Windlicht aus Glas in rose Champagnerbecher aus Pozelan, ComicMetall Pill Box in messing Backgammon aus Leder im Farbton grün Krug aus Glas im Farbton beryl grünBuch Louis Vuitton Manufactures von Assouline Untersetzter Set Icon aus Leder geprägt im Farbton vergissmeinnicht Obstschale aus Keramik im Farbton rose/rot