How about an "INDIAN SUMMER"?

In North America, "Indian Summer" refers to a specific time in late fall when the forests turn from gold to red and the sky glows blue. The fantastic colors of Indian Summer can sometimes be seen here in nature.

Capture them and use them to add warmth and coziness to your home.

Amber Lederaccessoires

Discover our new leather color "AMBER

Amber is the English name of amber, the fossil resin gemstone known for thousands of years. Amber is said to have healing powers and protective magic. They sparkle from gold to honey to fire orange and red. Just like the new color for our leather accessories Icon. Leather accessories in Amber combine beautifully with all the other colors of Indian Summer. They shine elegantly and bring that certain warm "spark" into the home that makes everything come alive.

Discover amber here

Don't be afraid of shine

Think shine is only for Christmas? Not so. With gold, silver, or in this case amber shiny objects, you bring a break, an eye-catching effect and that special something to your styling. Kind of like when you combine silver ballerinas with jeans.

Blühende Tischdekoration

Let it shine and bloom

Autumn delights not only with sensual warm colors, but also with lushness. Let it inspire you and set your table splendidly and invitingly. Match it with Icon napkin rings and placemats in Amber, Klimchi Hobnail Glasses and Jugs in Amber, Bonsai and Citrine but also green ceramic bowls and radiant blue accents. Decorate with fall flowers and berries. With our precious fabric flowers from the brand "Silk-Ka".by the way, you can create fantastic flower arrangements that look like the real thing and never fade.

Raina Hocker

Fall in Love with... "Raïna"

To the Indian summer also fits homeland. The furniture and wooden boards of the brand "Raïna"are made of fragrant Swiss stone pine wood. They are designed and handmade in a small carpenter's workshop in the Val Müstair. The exciting combination of rustic and modern brings beautiful, warm accents into the home.

Buch The North American Indian

The right book for Indian Summer

This season invites you to enjoy your home with more leisure. Coffee table books will make you and your guests want to browse. Since the Indian Summer is most evident in the regions once inhabited by the North American Indian tribes, the coffee table book "The North American Indian, The Complete Portfolio" is an exciting and inspiring read.