How about a crystal ball that reveals all wishes?

Do you also have a father-in-law who's typically against gift-giving at Christmas but still gets excited like a child when he can unwrap a package? Or do you find yourself once again pondering what on earth to gift your discerning Aunt Rosa? It's times like these when you wish for a crystal ball or a little fairy to reveal these wishes.

Here, in this blog post, you'll discover what cool homebodies wish for, what gifts friends appreciate, ideas for those who mix business with pleasure, or how to pamper someone who enjoys self-indulgence.

Wishing you a joyful time with your Christmas shopping!

Am schönsten ist es daheim!

Home is where the heart is!

I particularly love the Christmas season because it turns my home into my castle even more. Now I can indulge in my favorite activities in the coziest way possible. What could be lovelier than sitting by the fireplace with a cup of tea, watching the fire, snuggling into soft blankets, or setting the table beautifully? I delight in things like elegant fireplace tools, Christmas ornaments and decorations, cuddly cushions, or a truly chic keychain for the keys to my kingdom.

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Ich will mich mehr verwöhnen

I want to pamper myself more

Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy gifts that invite relaxation and indulgence? There's nothing quite like unwinding in a warm, fragrant bath after a long day. I also love it when my bathroom is chic and beautiful. That's why I appreciate elegant bath accessories, luxurious beauty and skincare products, scented candles, or fine textiles.

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Für mich ist Business Pleasure

For me, it's all about business pleasure

That's why I wish for more style in the workplace and on my home desk. I like small office gadgets and chic containers for them. I also want a pretty cup for pens, scissors, and my elegant fountain pen. With my penchant for calendars, books, notebooks, and elegant writing pads, I make my digital work world sensual, personal, and stylish.

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