We're Enthusiastic About Our Candles

We are proud of our large selection of candles. For us, candles are an integral part of the home. Candles add atmosphere, warmth, magic and a personal, festive touch to rooms. And candles transform every meal into a feast. In other words, everything that is particularly important right now, during the Advent season. Candles are not just decorative mood-setters, but many of them give a home its own incomparable fragrance.

Naturally, we have selected special, fantastic and exclusive candles for FROHSINN. Many of them can only be found here and all come either from traditional candle manufacturers or are exciting new products from renowned luxury brands. With over 300 candles from 10 different manufacturers, we can safely say that we are a wonderful candle paradise and more than an insider tip for candle lovers.

Discover candles here on the blog and at FROHSINN that will make your home even more beautiful or that will make beloved gifts and souvenirs.

Trudon, die älteste Kerzenmanufaktur der Welt

Candles for kings

Right from the very beginning, when we opened FROHSINN, we fell in love with the luxurious, fantastic scented candles from Trudonand included them as the first scented candles in our range. Incidentally, Trudon is the oldest candle manufacturer in the world. Claude Trudon opened a store for candles and spices back in 1643. And it is still located in the still-chic Rue Saint Honoré in Paris. Trudon became a purveyor to the court and later expanded with his own manufactory. Today, the luxurious scented candles from Trudon are among the most sought-after in the world. Every year there are new Christmas fragrances available from us and we also have brand new Trudon scented stick candles.

Another French candle manufacturer is not quite as old Carrière Frères. It was founded in 1884 and combines the traditions of 17th and 18th century wax production with a unique capacity for innovation. They produce candles with fragrances such as absinthe, water lilies or tomatoes. New in our range are scented stick candles in the notes cedar and peppermint.

Scented candle LUCEM - Altair 270g Bust candle Marie Antoinette - rose Scented candle THE ALABASTERS - AtriaScented stick candles MADELEINE 6 pcs - Gabriel Carrière Frères scented stick candle - spearmint Candlestick Trudon - Holland

Cereria Introna, Kerzen in Formen von Torten, Tiere etc.

Everyone wants these candles right now

If you want to give someone something really trendy and hip, then you can do so with our candles in the shape of cakes, animals, champagne bottles or vegetables. The candles from Cereria Introna are currently an insider tip in New York, London and Paris and are popular with anyone who loves a little eccentricity. However, the candle manufacturer from Apulia did not start out with pink glitter cakes, but with beautiful votive candles for the church and religious festivals in 1840.

Candle Pâtisserie - Pandoro, piccolo Candle sparkling wine - Spumante, Magnum Candle Pâtisserie - GrittibänzCandle fruit - tangerine with leaf Christmas candle - squirrel Candle Christmas - Nutcracker, grande

Paul Smith, die Neuheit im FROHSINN

Fashion, beauty and modern scented candles

Claudia has long been a big fan of Paul Smith. Not only because he had an Afghan hound, who is Claudia's absolute favorite dog, but because he creates more than just fashion. Paul Smith makes clothes, from suits to socks to ball gowns, that stand out for their style and modernity and are not just trendy pieces. The same applies to his objects in the homeware sector. He has recently designed a collection of scented candles with seductive names such as "Bookworm", "Daydreamer" and "Sunseeker". This makes it clear which scent is best for which person. The "Bookworm" candle, for example, smells of paper, parchment, library shelves and warming amber. Or "Daydreamer" smells of cycling along walled gardens and sunny fields. The elegant glass jars in beguiling colors, whose lid becomes a base while the candle is burning, can later be used to store small items.

PAUL SMITH 240g scented candle - Day Dreamer PAUL SMITH 240g scented candle - Botanist PAUL SMITH 240g scented candle - Bookworm

It is not only the fashion world that is flirting with fragrances for the home, but also the beauty industry. We recommend the sensual scented candles from the Swedish organic natural care line L:A Bruket. They are made from organic soybean wax and, with scents such as "Black Oak", "Tabac" or "Hinoki", take you to the Swedish west coast, where sun, wind, rock, ice, salt, sand, mud and water define life.

Scented candle LA BRUKET - No. 255 Hinoki Scented candle LA BRUKET - No. 153 Tabac Scented candle LA BRUKET - No. 149 Black Oak
Ginori 1735

Art and candles

From the renowned porcelain manufacturer Ginori1735 you already know the wonderful "Oriente" tableware or the "Il Viaggo di Nettuno" cups and bowls. The latter were designed by the English artist Luke Edward Hall. With his romantic, playful and fabulous style, he has now also designed a line of "Profumi Luchino" scented candles for Ginori1735. The wonderful scented candles with woody or floral notes are in beautiful porcelain vessels, which continue to be a delight as decorative objects even after the candle has burned down.
Scented candle GINORI 1735 - Rain Rock Creek Scented candle GINORI 1735 - Rajathra Palace Scented candle GINORI 1735 - Fox Thicket Folly

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