How to Extend Your Summer

In September, you carry the summer and travel memories with you for a while. That's why I'm taking you far away in this blog, to Mexico, where I spent my summer vacation with my family. What hit me right in the heart in Mexico were its magical, beguilingly beautiful colors. They show themselves from very different sides. There is a cheerful colorfulness, as in folk art or in the work of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. But strong colors are also used clearly and monochrome, as in the fascinating architecture of Luis Barragán.

Mexico enchants not only visually, but also in culinary terms. So I will take you to some particularly interesting restaurants where the cuisine is fabulous, the dishes are beautifully served and the ambience inspires new ideas. And because I'm sure you're keen to incorporate as much of the summer and wanderlust into the new season as possible, you'll find the most beautiful, cheerful and sensual ingredients here and in FROHSINN.

Nationalmuseums für Anthropologie in Mexico City

Did you know that Mexico City was an island?

Among the centerpieces in the collection of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City are monumental sculptures dedicated to the gods of water. They also bear witness to the history of this great and important city, which was once called Tenochtitlan and was built in the center of an inland lake system before the conquest.

Magnificent architecture is omnipresent in Mexico. The National Museum of Anthropology is also housed in a unique building. The construction of the museum as it appears today began in 1963 and was entrusted to the Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez. The architecture is formally strong and impressive. The huge roof, which is supported by a single column, is overwhelming.

Restaurant Rosetta von Elena Reygadas

The best chef in the world cooks here

The Mexican Elena Reygadas was named the best female chef in the world in 2023. She has been cooking since she was a child and opened her restaurant Rosetta in 2010 in an old mansion in the Roma district of Mexico City. She reinterprets traditional Mexican dishes, uses seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farms and promotes local biodiversity. The menu at Rosetta changes daily. The pretty, romantic rooms with intricate murals are simply and comfortably furnished. For Elena Reygadas, it is also important that locals and foreigners can eat together in her restaurant. Incidentally, the delicious dishes are served on the beautiful plates from "Ginori 1735", which we also have at FROHSINN.

Set the table like Elena Reygadas

Bowl small ORIENTE ITALIANO - yellow/blue Artificial flower Wisteria branch - yellow M Krug HOBNAIL aus Glas - rosaCosmos artificial flower - pink Bowl small ORIENTE ITALIANO - pink/red CHLOE linen napkin - yellowMing vase ORIENTE ITALIANO - yellow/blue VIENNA embossed leather napkin ring - vanilla HOBNAIL water glass - clear

Willkommen in Fridas Welt

Welcome to Frida's world

Frida Kahlo, her art, her life and her style became world-famous and almost like pop culture. In the Frida Kahlo Museum the world of the great Mexican artist opened up to me in a new, multifaceted and very personal way. The azure blue house is Frida Kahlo's childhood home. She lived there with her husband, the artist Diego Rivera, from 1929 until her death in 1954. It has been a museum since 1959 and offers an insight into the life and love story of the artist couple. I was also fascinated by the many fabulous objects, magnificent colors and fantastic details.

Style with the colors of Mexico

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Restaurant Botanico in Mexico City

A jungle in the middle of the city

In the middle of Mexico City's vibrant universe, there is a small jungle where you can enjoy fine dining surrounded by cacti: The Restaurant Botanico. The house from the 1940s is built in Art Deco style and the garden is fabulous. It is a secret garden, an enchanted paradise in which succulents and other plants grow tall and embrace everything. It's not easy to get a table, but once you're seated, you feel like you're in a completely different, wonderful world for a while.

A jungle in the middle of the city

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Luis Barragàn verwandelt Häuser in Gärten und Gärten in Häuser

Luis Barragàn transformed
houses into gardens and gardens into houses

Architecture lovers simply have to visit the Cuadra San Cristobal Los Clubes by the legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán (1902-1988). It is a house that he built in 1968 for Folke Egerström, a member of the nearby Hípico Francés riding club. The property has the appearance of a ranch and includes stables, paddocks and pastures. The surroundings have since changed, but the building complex has been lovingly preserved. The excursion is worthwhile, as you can visit the stables, the gardens and the interior of the houses. The colorful walls and the large central pool for the horses create an impressive space. The color pink, which Barragán liked to use in his architecture, is always striking. It is said that he sometimes even had his housekeeper prepare meals entirely in pink.

Book tip

Book Living in Mexico

If you want to be inspired even more by the colors, architecture and furnishings of Mexico, you will love the book Living in Mexico, which we have recently added to our FROHSINN coffee table book collection.

Heben Sie ab!

Take off!

Finally, an insider tip:
A balloon ride over the pyramids, the temples of Mexico City and the ruins of Teotihuacán is definitely worthwhile and remains a wonderful, unforgettable experience!