Bringing the winter feeling into the living room

True winter typically arrives here only in January. Over the next two to three months, winter sports enthusiasts travel to the mountains as often as they can, enjoying the enchanted winter nature. When you return home from outside, tired and happy, there's nothing more beautiful than sitting together in a cozy living room by the crackling fireplace. 
We want to bring this winter feeling into our living rooms now as well. That's why you'll find the most beautiful ideas for it here and at FROHSINN. Winter coziness is chic, stylish, and far from the traditional alpine charm. Just as I like to mix rustic elements with elegance and a touch of humor in my interior designs, I curate and design typical FROHSINN home accessories and furniture. In our flagship store in Zurich's Seefeld district, you'll also benefit from excellent, professional advice.
Wishing you many wonderful, cozy hours in your living room!

Wenn das Feuer knistert

When the fire crackles

Before there were living rooms, privacy, or beds, there was the fire. The grand fireplace in a castle was the place where everyone gathered to sleep. The higher one's social status, the closer the spot to the fire. Meals and celebrations also took place around the hearth, and in a private, refined manner, we do something similar today in our own living rooms. We believe that this is even more enjoyable when the fireplace tools and all other accessories around the crackling fire are stylish and chic. 

Kaminbesteck Set EMMA - paris  Korb Kaminholz Zeitschriften aus Leder geprägt - camel  Windlicht Vase HURRICANE BOULE large - tobaccoMatches  Streichholzbehälter LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - olive  Holzkorb EMMA - lichenStabkerzen MADELEINE 6 Stk - gold  Duftkerze LA BOUGIE CLASSIQUE - Josephine  Ständer für Kaminholz aus Messing - Giraffe

«Mix different pillows on the sofa. This dispels boredom, adds style, and creates a lot of coziness»

Claudia Silberschmidt

Kuschellektion fürs Sofa

Cosy Collection for the Sofa

Where there's crackling, there's cuddling. To make it really nice on the sofa, we have a wonderful and unique selection of stylish pillows. Take, for example, those from House of Hackney, which you can exclusively find with us. The fabulous prints on luxurious velvet flirt with traditional English cosiness but have a very special modern twist and almost a bit of rock 'n' roll allure. In our extensive range, we also have pillows with reissued fabrics from William Morris, the great Arts & Crafts man of the 19th century. Our own cushion series from the Navajo collection strikes the perfect balance between elegance and country flair.

Kissen SABER Samt mit Fransen - gold  Kissen BABYLON mit Fransen - rosa  Kissen SABER Samt mit Fransen - dunkelblauKissen NAVAJO - olive  Kissen ZEUS Samt mit Fransen - orange/weiss  Kissen PALMERAL Samt mit Fransen - dunkelblau/grünKissen ARCHIVE mit Fransen - Mildmay  Kissen NAVAJO - caramel  Kissen OPIA aus Samt mit Fransen - schwarz

Verlieben Sie sich in unsere Beistelltische

Fall in Love with Our Side Tables

In a truly cozy living room where one likes to relax together, there's a simple furnishing rule: every seat has accessible storage. And that's where the side tables come into play. They're not just practical but also decorative furniture pieces. In our collection, you'll find many such little gems. First off, there are our specially designed side tables made of embossed, lacquered buffalo leather with decorative nail detailing. These collector's items and unique pieces are crafted in a workshop in India. Like sculptures, the ceramic coffee tables from Parisian designer and interior architect Pierre Gonalons stand out. We have them in various designs and colors. Finally, for a special touch of magic, there are the "Soda" glass tables from Miniforms. These are masterpieces of glass blowing art, handcrafted in Italy.

Beistelltisch MONTCEAUX aus Keramik - caramel  Beistelltisch ICON aus Leder geprägt - orange  Beistelltisch SEDIMENT aus Marmor - gelbBeistelltisch LOLIPOP aus Marmor - Verde Ming  Beistelltisch MONTCEAUX aus Keramik - olive  Beistelltisch ICON aus Marmor - Verde MingBeistelltisch SODA aus Glas - blau             Hocker Beistelltisch PYRAMID IN LOVE aus Leder - vanilla  Couchtisch SODA aus Glas - petrol grün

Damit kommt so richtig Winterstimmung auf

That's How You Create a Real Winter Atmosphere

Of course, for the wintery coziness in the living room, it's also about the little things: Warm light, a subtle scent, beautiful rugs, and inspiring coffee table books that you enjoy flipping through. To make the seating area even more comfortable, add a pouf, and for a glamorous winter vibe, nothing beats the photographs of Slim Aarons, who beautifully portrayed the world of the rich and famous at the famous ski resorts. 

Backgammon Koffer - POLAR BEAR  Wandbild Acrylglas Slim Aarons - Cortina d'Ampezzo  Buch St. Moritz Chic - ASSOULINEKunstblume Nadelzweig mit Zapfen - Kiefer mit Schnee  Raumparfum - FROHSINN NO. 1  Pouf NAVAJO - pale oliveBuch Gstaad Glam - ASSOULINE  Wandbild Acrylglas Slim Aarons - Winter Wear  Tischleuchte FLAKES aus Glas - weiss