Treasure hunt in Paris

In September, we didn't travel to the "Maison et Objet" trade fair in Paris by TGV or plane, but in a van. We also planned a shopping trip to various brocante markets around Paris.

So we drove through the beautiful countryside, through the typical French avenues and through the city in the hottest weather. With a lot of FROHSINN and luck, we always found a parking space in the middle of Paris and enjoyed our adventure to the full. Our treasure hunt at the fabulous markets was also full of happy moments. We discovered wonderful trouvailles that match our FROHSINN collections and can be perfectly combined with contemporary pieces. You can now find all the new old treasures at FROHSINN. Here, in this newsletter, you will also find out what makes a really good vintage piece, how to combine it beautifully and how you can conjure up a little French chateau flair in your home.

Decken Sie mit den besten Brocante Brands auf

Uncover the best brocante brands

There are also vintage pieces that stand out with their beauty, craftsmanship and great history. And you can now find them at FROHSINN. For example, French "Daum" glass is highly desirable for collectors. Together with Émile Gallé and René Lalique, "Daum" belongs in the first rank of French glass art. Daum" became famous with Art Nouveau creations and those from the Art Deco period.

Art, craftsmanship and big names are also combined in the ceramics from the southern French village of Vallauris. The art of pottery has been cultivated here since late antiquity. The fact that Vallauris ceramicsare associated with great art has to do with the fact that Picasso lived in this village in the 1950s, worked with ceramics there and was followed by other artists such as Miró and Chagall. Colorful vintage bowls from Vallauris are therefore very special pieces, some of which you can now find at FROHSINN.

DAUM glass bowl - green Bowl made from Vallauris ceramic - green

Wie wärs mit wundervollem Vintage auf dem Tisch?

How about wonderful vintage on the table?

The biggest and most important trend in interior design is called "tablescape". This refers to the table setting. This is an important part of an invitation and an expression of the style and personality of the host and hostess. Wonderful vintage pieces, which can be elegantly mixed in, ensure absolute uniqueness. We rely on fine antique champagne buckets, pretty champagne bowls made of crystal glass or flirtatious cutlery benches.

Champagnerschale - rosa Glass fruit bowl - pink Champagne cooler made of glass - clear N° 1PUDEL ceramic cutlery bench set of 6 - red Wine glasses set of 6 - pink Glass bowl - pink
Palast-Allüre geht auch zu Hause

Palace allure also works at home

We brought a few FROHSINN greetings with us on our visit to the Palace of Versailles. We simply thought that our tassels, fireplace matches and glamorous, shiny pendants and cases would go beautifully with the Sun King's golden palace. We are also convinced that tassels, shag, shiny leather accessories and chic fireplace matches help to turn every home into a little castle.

Streichholzbehälter LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - navy VERSAILLES leather key fob - silver LARA leather passport cover - strawberry

Top Tipps für Paris

Top tips for Paris

Finally, three fine little FROHSINN travel tips:

Even on the TGV personal luggage tags in demand. With our elegant tags made of shiny metallic colored leather, you will always travel correctly and in style wherever you go.

The fiery red lacquered door leads into one of the beautiful rooms furnished by India Mahdavi at the Parisian Hotel Thoumieuxwhere we like to stay. We love not only the stylish, relaxed hotel, but also the lively Saint-Germain-des-Prés district in which the Hotel Thoumieux is located.

Be sure to treat yourself to a visit to the Palace of Versailles. If you go in the evening, you will have the palace almost to yourself.