Do you know the exclusive FROHSINN fashion accessories?

They make stylish and personal Christmas gifts. You can never have enough beautiful handbags, as well as jewelry and lovely little things for everyday life. At least that's how I feel.

That's why with our FROHSINN leather collection, I've designed not only noble and practical things for the home but also unique and timeless fashion companions. I always carry one of our own designs with me. And since I'm naturally at the source, I have the perfect color for every outfit. For example, FROHSINN handbags are not only chic but also offer just the right space for all the things you need in everyday life. In doing so, I noticed that surely not only I miss beautiful keychains or an elegant passport case. So our small, fine fashion collection is constantly growing, and you'll always discover new FROHSINN accessories. Brand new, noble tassel keychains and stylish leather necklaces have been added.

They all make perfect gifts that bring joy because they are not only beautiful but also special - and because you can use them every day.

Favorite Handbags

Handbags are always there and have everything you need. But handbags are much more than just a practical fashion accessory: They shape the personal look and sometimes even become a trademark. Think of Jackie O. and her sporty Gucci shoulder bag, Grace Kelly, who made the Hermès Kelly Bag world-famous, or Queen Elizabeth II, whose handbags were almost like crowns.
Our handcrafted bags made of buffalo leather also have a certain allure. They are designed for strong appearances in everyday life and combine chic, color, and statement with sporty elegance and refined details.

Tasche Crossbody NIGHT FEVER - olive  Tasche Western TUCSON - black icon  Tasche Shopper NOTTING HILL - silver icon 
Was hat Mode mit Interior zu tun? 

What does fashion have to do with interior design?

There are two areas that shape personal style: the home and the way we dress. At FROHSINN, we believe that in both areas, details define style. It's always the little things that make the difference. Nothing against a great sofa, but it's only with the choice of the right fabric and the pillows on it that it becomes your own, unmistakable piece. And that's exactly what happens in fashion too. With the handbag, shoes, and jewelry, you tailor an outfit to your personal style. Fashion accessories, like home accessories, awaken the joy of play, flirtation, and life. That's why giving small things as gifts is a big, personal gesture.
 The Tassel for your Castle


Frills, tassels, and fringes are recurring motifs in Claudia Silberschmidt's creations. They symbolize playfulness and flexibility and have the ability to give something that distinct, stylish FROHSINN look. In the latest collection, there are keychains adorned with colored leather tassels. They are so chic that you can even clip them onto a bag.
As flirtatious, stylish fashion accessories, there are braided leather cords with tassels. You can wear them around your neck like a necklace or use them as a kind of tie, or even as tiebacks for your curtains.

Schlüsselanhänger VERSAILLES aus Leder - bamboo  Kette VERSAILLES aus Leder - bamboo

Echter Schmuck - aus Leder 

Real jewelry - made of leather

Gold and silver are also available in leather jewelry. However, our simple, elegant handmade bracelets made of fine buffalo leather are also available in many other colors. From shimmering emerald green to amethyst, amber, and ruby. Of course, our colors have different names, but they shine as brightly and sensually as gemstones. And for those who prefer a more sporty look, they will appreciate the matte, natural leather colors such as olive, camel, or vanilla.

Armreif VIENNA aus Leder geprägt - vanilla  Armreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - strawberry  Armreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - turquoiseArmreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - orange  Armreif VIENNA aus Leder geprägt - bamboo  Armreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - silverArmreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - vergissmeinnicht  Armreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - gold  Armreif LIFESTYLE aus Leder glatt - olive