Orange Is The New Black

I have always been magically attracted to the color orange. This warm, outward-facing shade radiates joie de vivre and is also very chic and elegant. Two good reasons for me to use orange in interiors and to choose orange as the signature color for FROHSINN. No other color radiates as much warmth and FROHSINN as orange.

In my leather collections, we design and produce everything in orange first. Orange makes everything special and gives it that certain something. Somehow, orange in a room is like the "little black dress" in fashion: it brings elegance in a very natural, almost casual way.

The fact that orange goes straight to the heart has to do with the fact that it is mixed with the energetic, stimulating red and yellow, which stands for happiness and sunshine. Orange therefore always conveys positive feelings and has a hopeful, life-affirming aura. Orange is a good and beautiful color to live in. Here in this blog and in FROHSINN, you will find lots of suggestions and ideas that will make you want more orange in your home.

Decken Sie den Tisch in Orange

Set the table in orange

The color orange promotes sociability. It is therefore the perfect color to set the table beautifully for guests. Start with our orange leather placemats. You can place these directly on the table or over a tablecloth, which looks very chic. We have matching napkin rings and trays. Perfect a personal look on the table with the color pink and neutral tones. The combination with the pink plates from Ginori1735, crystal glasses and light-colored linen napkins looks very elegant.

Bowl small ORIENTE ITALIANO - pink/red PANDA cutlery set made from bamboo Salt and pepper shaker WILD - TigerICON embossed leather placemat - orange Leather coaster ICON embossed - orange ICON embossed leather napkin ring - orangeHOBNAIL jug made of glass - pink Table lamp PANTHELLA 160 Portable - orange DORIS linen napkin - beige/white

Wecken Sie das Bad mit Orange

Wake up the bathroom with orange

Orange also stands for self-confidence, which in turn is a good quality for bathrooms. These often lack a little warmth and personality. That's why we strongly advocate conjuring up these two qualities with elegant accents in the bathroom. Orange leather accessories help with this. With our trays, boxes and tissue boxes, you can elevate any bathroom to luxury class. The combination with pink is also very elegant here. We have the beautiful crystal glass accessories from Decor Walther in our range.

ICON embossed leather tissue box - orange Round ICON tray in embossed leather - orange Box round high ICON made of embossed leather - orangeSoap dispenser made of crystal glass - pink/gold gloss Crystal glass container with lid - pink Crystal glass toothbrush tumbler - pinkSWISSDENT & FROHSINN Set Round LIFESTYLE mirror made of leather - orange Refill Hand & Body wash - No. 104 bergamot/patchouli

Begrüssen Sie mit viel Wärme

Welcome with plenty of warmth

First impressions count. In the home, you get this in the entrance hall. If the entrance is warm and friendly, you immediately feel welcome. And this is where the fantastic color orange comes into play. We are currently developing a fantastic piece of leather furniture with drawers, the prototype of which you can see here. FROHSINN fans are already familiar with the stools and side tables from our leather furniture series designed by Claudia Silberschmidt. The sideboard is a new creation that you can look forward to. But small, orange things, such as trays as vide-poche or tins for small items, are also good for the entrance area.

LIFESTYLE picture frame made of smooth leather - orange LARA leather passport cover - orange Western TUCSON wallet in embossed leather - orangeRectangular bowl ORIENTE ITALIANO - pink/red ICON side table in embossed leather - orange Lantern vase HURRICANE BOULE large - amberNAVAJO cushion - pumpkin Book Capri Dolce Vita - ASSOULINE Dose rund ICON aus Leder geprägt - orange

Die schönsten Homeoffice-Ideen in Orange

The most beautiful home office ideas in orange

Finally, let's take a detour to the home office or your office at work. The color orange is also a good choice where people work. It skillfully combines energy, activity and elegance. Our leather accessories, which we have developed for the workspace, look very classy. Treat yourself to a leather desk pad and complement it with trays for correspondence and boxes for small office items such as USB sticks, clips or notes. Leather cups provide the perfect home for your fountain pen, pencils or scissors. You will find everything in an elegant, warm shade of orange, which corresponds beautifully with the leather material.

Accessory box LIFESTYLE orange OFFICE leather desk pad smooth - orange OFFICE leather document holder - orangeOFFICE pen holder made of smooth leather - orange Greeting card FROHSINN - THANK YOU ICON embossed leather tissue box - orangeOFFICE leather mouse pad - orange LIFESTYLE embossed leather wastepaper basket - orange Deckel für Papierkorb LIFESTYLE aus Leder geprägt - orange