Celebrate spring!

Birds chirping, the first blossoms and flowers, longer days and that certain tingling sensation: spring is on its way. For me, it also awakens the desire to invite friends, to celebrate and to enjoy a fine meal together. I like the mixture of beautiful and elegant and relaxed and uncomplicated. Just as it is a pleasure to dress nicely, a lovingly laid table awakens feelings of happiness.

For this you will find in FROHSINN beautiful Italian porcelain from Ginori 1735, fine glasses, our exclusive leather accessories in many colors and designs and much more. This newsletter is like an aperitivo, it whets your appetite for the next stylish dinner party.

Saluti and Buon Appetito!

Tischlein deck Dich fröhlich

Set the table merrily

The way you set the table is not just a matter of style, it sets the tone of the invitation. Formal tables are set with damask, crystal and fine china and have a set table order.
Informal, private invitations reflect more the personality of the hosts.

A FROHSINN style table is elegant, relaxed and conveys a good mood. We mix fabulous china from the hip Brand Ginori 1735 with our fine leather accessories, beautiful textiles and colorful glasses. When dishes, glasses, cutlery and table linens are special, there's no need for elaborate decorations. A few flowers or a candle in the shape of a cake are perfectly sufficient. For this, we think it's worth playing with colors.

Fancy the cheerful FROHSINN look?

"To avoid sitting at the table all evening at a dinner party, our friends and guests like to have music from their personal playlists playing and dancing."

Claudia Silberschmidt

kleine Geschichte des Tischdeckens

A little history of table setting

Sometimes it's worth looking back a little to see how far we've come. In the Middle Ages, there was no cutlery. People ate with spoons and men took their daggers with them. It was not until the 16th century that the development of table cutlery began. But the food was served in a similar way as today. It was served in bowls and platters and everyone, family and guests, ate at the same time. This was called "service à la française". In the 18th century, "service à la russe" became fashionable, where the individual courses were served by servants, something we still see in restaurants today.

5 Eyecatcher Tricks

It doesn't necessarily take a total look to make an impression with a personally set table. Choose a few eye-catchers and use them to wake up your existing dinnerware:

Trick 1
Bring naturalness and glamour to a white tablecloth with our seaweed placemats.

Trick 2
Serve truffles and other sweets from the Vide Poche bowls by Ginori 1735

Trick 3
Decorate with the fantastic cake candles from Cereria Introna

Trick 4
Provide a wink with our animal salt and pepper shakers

Schale rechteckig, schwarz / weiss von Ginori 1735

Tischset textil - Seegras silber vom FROHSINN

Salz & Pfefferstreuer Set - Schnautzer von Quail

Windlicht Hurricane Boule in olive von Skogsberg & Smart

Kochbuch The Missoni Family Cookbook von Assouline

Untersetzer Set ICON aus Leder in olive vom FROHSINN

Bamboo Besteck 6er Set von Sabre

Kerzen Tortenstück - Brombeertorte von Cereria Introna

Krug Hobnail aus Glas - rosa von Klimchi