Fancy a beach vacay at home?

When I feel the wanderlust and the longing for warmth, sun and pampering moments arise, I first devote myself to my bath. Your own bathroom can awaken vacation feelings, honestly! With the right styling and loving details, a bathroom quickly looks as if it were in a luxury hotel and so do we. A stylish bathroom is not only for beauty, but also invites you to relax and unwind. Your own bathroom also offers the advantage that you can design it to suit your personal well-being and style. Discover here in the newsletter many tricks, ideas and noble products with which you can transform your bathroom into a stylish oasis of well-being in no time.

So wird Ihr Bad zur Wohlfühloase

How to turn your bathroom into an oasis of well-being

Every bathroom needs warmth, freshness and a few good ideas. Many bathrooms are dominated by cool, low-maintenance materials such as ceramics, metal and stone. Some warm contrasts will do you good. You can create that with wood and leather, for example. Our exclusive, handmade leather accessories not only provide sensuality and style, but are also practical for storing make-up utensils, cosmetic wipes, hair accessories and much more in a handy and stylish way. Good lighting, bright colors, mirrors and a fresh room fragrance then complete her bathroom with natural freshness.

Raumparfum Frohsinn NO.1

Papiertuchbox ICON - amber

Spiegel rund Lifestyle - gold

Kleine und grosse Stylingideen

Small and big styling ideas

Besides the classic bath accessories, personal styling ideas will also help your bathroom. Pictures, a pretty vase with flowers, lanterns or shells in a bowl, make you dream and make everything more friendly. If you want a little more glamour, it is our leather accessories in silver. They go well with chrome-colored fixtures and provide elegance with a difference. You can change a lot by changing door handles. With such a trick, the look of a piece of furniture and, consequently, the look of the bathroom will seem new. If you have space, an armchair does the bathroom good. It brings coziness, helps to put things down and provides more convenience in the care.

Badezimmereinrichtungen in verschiedenen Farben

Color wakes up

Changing entire bathroom designs are a bigger deal. However, you can take inspiration from great bathrooms and pick out the one that is implementable. Color is a good element in this. Even a neutral bathroom will be helped by colors in terms of style. Set accents with accessories and linens. Precious textile curtains instead of box doors or as a complement to glass shower dividers offer another way to bring color into the room and change up the style. For larger color areas in the bathroom, shades of green and blue are particularly suitable. They immediately convey calmness as well as freshness and warmth - in other words, everything you want in a bathroom.

With this color moves into the bathroom

Tablett Rechteckig Lifestyle - olive

Crystal glass soap dispenser - green/gold matt

OFFICE pen holder in leather smooth - olive

Crystal glass container with lid - purple

Paper towel box ICON embossed leather - forget-me-not

Tray Round ICON embossed leather - forget-me-not

Mirror Round LIFESTYLE of leather smooth - orange

Box round flat ICON embossed leather - orange

Crystal glass toothbrush tumbler - amber