FROHSINN NO.1 - our first room perfume

Are you longing for more FROHSINN?

For this, we have developed our first own room fragrance. «FROHSINN NO.1» is brand new, sensual, fresh and friendly and fills the home with cheerfulness. «FROHSINN NO.1» not only helps spread a pleasant scent throughout the home, but creates a great atmosphere and cheerful mood.

"Ever since I first experienced a room fragrance concept in a hotel in Paris many years ago, I harboured the desire to create my own room perfume. With "FROHSINN NO.1" I have now created a fragrance that is just like my interiors and collections: elegant, fresh, good-humoured and surprising." Claudia Silberschmidt

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  Raumduft mit Vase auf weissem Ledertablett

This is the scent of FROHSINN NO.1

Our fragrance for the home is multi-layered, elegant and fresh:
A rich fig fragrance provides a calm, harmonious and friendly base. It is beautifully blended with powdery incense. A hint of creamy coconut creates mildness, aromatic cypress provides a sunny feeling and the gentle sweetness of strawberry completes the palette with fresh fruitiness.

   Duftnoten von FROHSINN NO.1

The FROHSINN bouquet from nature

Fragrances are very personal, awaken strong feelings, bring back memories and help our well-being. Because beauty, happiness and good mood are the most important things for us at FROHSINN, we have selected ingredients from nature for our perfume that convey this atmosphere.  

Fig: The fig tree is a symbol of happiness, peace and vitality. The scent of the fig combines fruitiness with woody tartness.

Incense: The fragrant resin from the Orient brings peace and has a warm, enlightening and soothing aura. 

Coconut: The sweet, fresh, exotic scent of coconut takes you straight to summer and envelops everything in a relaxed holiday feeling. 

Cypress: The evergreen tree is associated with the attributes of longevity and confidence. The cypress smells of the sunny slopes of the Mediterranean and conveys a golden warmth.

Strawberry: The bright red, sweet, aromatic fruit is a symbol of temptation and its fragrance always evokes a little feeling of being in love.

FROHSINN NO.1 auf Ledertablett

 Fragrances are an expression of style 

Just as one chooses one's own perfume to match one's personality, a room fragrance is the completion of a furnishing style. It underlines the ambience that has been visually created with colours, shapes, furniture and accessories. With the "FROHSINN NO.1" perfume, you literally radiate cheerfulness in your home. 

The "FROHSINN NO. 1" room perfume is available in various sizes. It can be used multifunctionally. You can spray it with a dispenser or use sticks to absorb the fragrance and diffuse it in the room.   

Discover FROHSINN NO.1 in the shop